Lucid Dreaming – How to Wake Up From Them

I understand how it can be a little (or very) scary when one is unable to awaken from a lucid dream that is uncomfortable for whatever reason. This usually happens to me if I am sleeping in an unfamiliar setting (like while traveling), or if I’ve eaten something heavy before going to sleep. It can also be anything that causes inner discomfort, such as unresolved personal problems.

Dreams seem to be a way for our unconscious minds to communicate to our waking, conscious minds. For example, respiratory problems might show up in our dreams as bugs that crawl around our throat or chest areas. While struggling with bronchitis in the past, I once had a lucid dream in which I was belching and spitting fire that took on the form of bugs and all types of creepy crawling things. It certainly got my attention!

There seems to usually be a message in our dreams, something that is symbolically getting through from the unconscious mind. I believe it is important to pay attention. We may also be short-changing ourselves by trying to “wake up” from dreams that are scary or uncomfortable. Of course, we would also not want to continue helplessly down a dream path that is morbid and painful. Rather, by changing our focus and resonant frequency during an unpleasant lucid dream, we enable ourselves to change the quality and direction that it takes. There have been times, however, that have been so uncomfortable (as in nightmares), that the remembrance and wherewithal to chant or pray had somehow eluded me during the dream. The theme that comes to mind is the “old hag,” and “demon” archetypes that threaten to take over or “possess” us. In these types of dreams, the experience of primal fear is terrifying and paralyzing. We wake up shaking and afraid of the dark.

I have received many inquiries from individuals wanting to know how to wake up from these scary dreams and even how to prevent them from happening. My answer can only be from personal experience: I have always awakened from them, not so much from anything that I remembered to do during the dream, but rather because they seem to run a certain course, and then they are over. It is interesting that in the preponderance of lucid dreams that I’ve had, the memory and habit of relaxing and doing all of the necessary things before and during scary lucid dreams have served me well. There have been, however, the occasional dream in which my memory and “practice” of calling in the spirit guides and asking for help during a difficult dream is totally forgotten/obliterated, as though I’ve been plopped down in a nightmare with no known comfort or possibility of extrication. Even the sense of Spirit and Love seem to have been wiped clean from my memory banks! Thankfully these types of dream experiences have been few and far between. It is like being thrown into a black hole or pit wherein the sense of God/Higher Self and its memories of Love and Beauty do not exist. It is a very strange and fearful dimension! Afterwards, I ask myself, “What was that all about?” “Why was I shown such a place?” What came up for me are the words “Humility” and “Gratitude.” Humility in the sense of understanding how little I truly know of myself… and Gratitude for the blessings of having had the experience of Love and Beauty, something not to be taken lightly or for granted.

As far as waking up from the usual lucid dream, what has been helpful for me is the directing of the attention to the spiritual eye center and repeating a prayer over and over. I do this not so much as a way to awaken physically, but to rather shift the tone and direction of the dream to one that flows more easily. In most of the lucid dreams that I find myself in, if I’m feeling uncomfortable in any way, it is usually because of an energetic blockage that has formed somewhere in the “Field.” It then becomes a simple matter of moving the energy along by prayer and breath.

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8 responses to “Lucid Dreaming – How to Wake Up From Them

  1. Ashley

    So, my friend heard about this lucid dreaming technique and he wants to try it but he’s afraid of not being able to wake up and being stuck on the dream or also having nightmares instead of beautiful dreams . . Soo can you help me ?

  2. Dev Johnson

    I always dream. EVERY single time my eyes are shut wether it’s for 5 minutes or 12 hours I dream. I can watch my dreams layer over reality while falling asleep. I can never be aware of it being a dream because my dreams are so realistic sometimes it’s hard to tell wether I’m dreaming or not. Alot of the times I have premonitions that lead to dejavu but always in a over exaggerated way. I have alot of post apocalyptic dreams as well. Alot of them are extremely messed up but are not nightmares. It’s something 99% off people I know can’t say they are familiar with. I find most people don’t dream every sleep. It’s something I can recall from when I was a small child. Im a sensitive but not trained. I’m really self aware of it. I can feel my energy move and shift and change. I’m sometimes too sensitive but I do know how to push unwanted energy almost physically with mine. Any thoughts on this? I’m pretty overwhelmed sometimes with the dreams as they leave lingering energy prints on me.

    • Thanks Dev,

      You have quite a gift for working with dreams and consciousness! I can imagine that it translates into a lot of creative expression in whatever medium or work you have chosen? I also understand that a high level of dreaming can be overwhelming. The body and mind needs time to integrate the influx of energies. It is like going into a different vibratory field (or dimension) and then coming back to the density of our 3d consciousness. For me it has been important to get plenty of exercise, ground my bare feet into the earth, breathe deeply, eat healthy foods, be out in Nature as much as possible, meditate and do creative work (art, music, writing, dance, etc.). Simple stuff! It seems that the resonance of what we connect with in our dreams changes the vibratory field of our physical bodies and minds. As we learn to tune in more and more with our dreams, we begin to find ways to integrate their energies into our waking consciousness. It is always important though, in my opinion, to call in the higher, loving energies. Dark, lost and confused spirits are also “out there” in dreamland. If they ever come to you in dreams, you will know by the “texture” of feelings: it can become very uncomfortable and oftentimes they will do and say things that give them away. You can do them a great service by asking/commanding them to leave with their guides/angels. Chanting “Om” is also very powerful in sending them on. Usually, they are just confused souls that are stuck and may not know how to move on.

  3. Alex Headford

    I cant remember much from the Lucid dreams I have, although i know I have them. Sometimes I fly and once I just walked into my bathroom stood there for a while then got back in bed. But when I wake up I can see out my eyes but its kinda fuzzy and I can hear myself trying to wake myself up but im never sure weather i am actually saying anything or if im thinking it. It feels like im pulling my way through from my dream into reality and my in my ears a deafening fuzzy high pitch noise is heard. It kinda feels like my ears are popping.
    Im seventeen now and have had this for like two years at least once a week in the past six months. How do i become more controlling of this power. Im not scared, its only my mind but at somepoints i do panic. Id love to talk to someone about there experience I think its cool how it does actually happen and I wish it would be a bigger deal in society

    • Thanks for sharing your dream Alex! I think it’s great that you’re exploring and wanting to learn more about lucid dreaming! I believe that the more we learn to be conscious and present during our dream states, the more we learn to be conscious and present during our waking states… and by learning to “wake up” in our dreams, to become lucid dreamers, we learn to understand the dream nature of our waking consciousness.

      The “buzzy” noises are quite natural to have during lucid dreams. They can also be an indicator that a full blown lucid dream or “out-of-body” experience is coming. It’s best to relax through this part, for it’s sort of like the passing through phase that eventually ends when the consciousness has shifted to full lucidity in the dream. It’s usually that feeling of being stuck in that “half-awake, half-asleep” that can get scary, especially if you fight and struggle to awaken.

      There’s a lot of information on the internet for learning how to lucid dream. As you practice any of the many techniques that are available and that resonates with your mind/temperament, there is something that I would highly recommend to keep in mind: holding the intention on heart-centered and loving aspirations and goals. It is important to feel and be safe/protected while exploring the dream time… and being in alignment with your Higher Self through desire and intention provides that protection. In this way, you will also be able to fully relax and surrender to what Higher Self wishes to show you.



    • Thank you Catherine, I’m very familiar with the type of dream you describe and understand how frightening it can be for your boyfriend and for you (as witness). Sleep researchers call it “Sleep Paralysis”. It is important to not touch him, as it may become another layer in the dream of someone or something holding him down. My wife usually just chants “Om” and allows me to go through that particular kind of sleep cycle. Much of the value of this type of dream is in learning to navigate a very different dimension. The scary part is that we might sometimes open doors that are bizarre and creepy. The more one struggles and fights to maintain “control,” the scarier it can get. What helps me most is to focus at the spiritual eye, the point between the eyebrows, and chant “Om.” The type of focus that happens in this state is quite powerful and I usually find myself zooming upwards at high velocity, and once the star is penetrated… total peace and well being! The trick is to catch oneself at the beginning, before going towards panic. The state of sleep paralysis offers untold potentials for the dreamer. It brings the gift of even-mindedness, surrender to the cosmic flow, and “learning to stand unshaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds.”

  5. ESERU

    Hi… I’m currently practicing lucid dreaming. I’ve had my first attempt last month and it was fun at first because I can deform anything in my hand or in my mind and stuff…but these past few weeks I have trouble of waking up. And the latest…which just scared the sht out of me, it’s like I’m with my friends(but Idk who they are) and it’s like we’re being killed in a dream and when we’re killed, we’re transported in another dream. The last “kill” that we had is there’s someone creepy and scary chasing us. I, knowing that this is all just a dream, want it to stop soo I taught my friends how to differentiate when ur dreaming or not. I taught them the hands-with-extra-fingers way and they we’re shocked but the last scene was my friend being captured by that creepy thing and threatening me, that like her heart, I will, too, be cut in half. Soo I woke up. I really thought that I already woke up, I even thank the Lord out loud because I managed to wake up. I’m in my bed and everything is normal until I saw my friends doing peculiar things so oh sht, i’m still dreaming. I tried waking up again but it’s no use, I checked my body if I was cut in half but no….not yet. Then there’s this call, Idk from where telling me to get out of the room and the whole scene just went into like tv show…our room is collapsing and falling(we’re in 8th floor) and there’s music while it’s happening and blah. Crazy stuff. So I woke up once again…feeling like I REALLY did woke up, but no…I’m still in the I started shouting, shouting and shouting as loud as I can…and finally…..I woke up. I woke up 35 minutes ago. Soo…what do you think that can help me stop having those dreams? :(

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