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Kundalini Divine Nectar, Part IV

The approach of feeling into the resonance of the overall vibration of the body has a way of naturally and easily drawing the mind to a one-pointed awareness…an awareness of all sensations felt as one resonance of Being!

A delicate balance point is created as the mind that “holds” to the central core of the overall sensation gives rise to a giddiness or wobbliness of the body…a result of the interplay of contraction/relaxation, stillness/movement, incoming/outgoing breath, etc.

I think of it in this way: the experience of the body/mind/psyche that is focused upon the innermost sensation in the spine is like a play of the finest strands of silk moving in delicious spirals through what feels like the central core of the body.

Feeling into this subtle sensation has a way of naturally interiorizing the mind. Body, mind, breath are “held” as though gently electrified in different postures that allows the flow and overflow of energies to move without getting stuck.

These “postures” taken up by the body are not static, “thought out” positions, but rather dynamic geometries of the body guided by the Life Force, oftentimes in incremental micro movements…like a slow-motion dance!


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Creativity – Observing the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Observe the patterns that emerge from your drawings and even your doodlings. Fall to your center. Listen to the overtones and harmonics that emerge from music and even the cacophony of noises around you. It is all a swirling mass of energies that can be shaped and reshaped into forms and matrices that can then be used for art and healing.

Move energy! Let yourself dance and sing. Move and allow Creation to express through the infinite patterns of heart and mind, through body and soul. Release lethargy and smallness. There are vast worlds to explore, dimensions that would astound with infinite beauty and subtlety!

There is vast consciousness in places beyond the ability and capacity of the linear mind to comprehend. Can you grasp the significance of this?
Dear Higher Self, please explain.

There are levels of creativity that are still beneath the surface of perception waiting to be uncovered. Tune into the pulse beat of what is expressing in your very environment. The vibratory field of your thoughts, feelings and environment is singing its song of Creation and you can play with that resonance in a way that builds a layer of creative sound that penetrates the very atoms of your being, singing and speaking to you in a way that upholds the very ground of what you are here to manifest.

Learn to experience and absorb the sounds and subtle vibrations of that which is beyond the reach of what is familiar. There are colors and sounds beyond what your eyes are able to see, yet you can experience them in a way that allows you to appreciate their beauty. Likewise, there are sounds that are beyond the ability of your ears to hear, yet you can experience them in a way that allows you to dance to their beautiful rays.

Take note of the impressions that rise up to the surface of your consciousness when you drum or chant; or when you do any creative work, like drawing or writing. The flow of creativity is boundless and goes on expressing in deeper and wider ways, unlimited save in your hesitancy to explore the realms of imagination. There are no limits! Prove to yourself now and break the fetters of limitation. Go deeply into the frontiers of your dreams and meet the Powers of your own consciousness. Call them angels or spirits, it doesn’t matter, it is all a part of your “Being.”

When you think you are hemmed in, cornered or without inspiration, know that it is only a thought that has made you captive, and that thought can be dissolved and replaced with the understanding of your infinite power. Inhale deeply, exhale and relax into your center where all powers of creativity are born.

All powers are borrowed from the Infinite Source allowing manifestation of any dream. Inspiration is never far away. It is really only a breath away. When you are able to watch your breath and experience the beauty of the moment, then veils of the ordinary part allowing glimpses of the extraordinary. Not that the ordinary falls away; you begin to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. You behold exquisite beauty in what was once thought to be mundane. And with these perceptions greatly magnified you will be able to gather and distill deep expressions of art and music.

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